Wm. Duke Harrington has been a newspaper reporter in Maine for more than 13 years, first at the Advertiser-Democrat in Norway (2004-2010), then at The Current, based at the time in Westbrook (2011-2014). He currently writes for the Kennebunk Post and the South Portland Sentry.

A woefully incomplete archive of past news stories can be found here.

Additionally, Duke hosts The Norumbega News, a 30-minute interview program, every Thursday at 7:30 p.m. on WMPG radio.

A life-long collector of comics books — and a fan of DC Comics' Legion of Super-Heroes franchise in particular — he lives in Western Maine with his wife Sheila, dog Maggie, and a little more than 18,000 comics. He's a reader, however, not an investor, and, being a newspaper reporter, achingly poor. So, it's not a particularly valuable accumulation. He loves them all just the same, though.

Duke can be found on Facebook (which also has a Shanghalla page), as well as on Twitter, at either @DirigoDuke or @NorumbegaNews. He's also on Instagram as DirigoDuke, but remains baffled by Snapchat and most other social media platforms.

eMail him if you like at duke.harrington@gmail.com.

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