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The MCU, Phase 4

I have a brother-in-law who works at Marvel Studios. He got a peek at Feige’s outline for Phase 4 of the MCU and sent me these details. Enjoy!

  1. ANT-MAN AND THE WASP (July 6) —
    • Movie takes place concurrently with Infinity War.
    • Scott and Hope enter the Microverse to recover the original Wasp.
    • About half of the movie is another heist flick as the team tries to steal a jagged piece of metal from the missile Janet Van Dyne disappeared into when she shrank into the multiverse. 
    • Expect a Reed Richards name drop as a great scientist who disappeared along with his entire family in the early 1960s.
    • About half the movie takes place in the microverse contained inside that piece of metal.
    • In the Microverse, we meet Acturus Rann, Marionnette, Bug, and a guy who looks like an Acroyear but (for legal reasons) is not called an Acroyear.
    • The original Wasp is saved, but all for naught, as, at film’s end, she and Hank Pym crumble to dust.
    • END CREDIT: Scott and Hope race the metal shard to Avengers HQ hoping to find Tony or someone who can figure out what happened to Janet and Hank. There they meet Hawkeye, who’s come to find out why his wife and kids suddenly turned to dust.

2. CAPTAIN MARVEL (March 8, 2019) 
  • Kree-Skrull War, 
  • Hints dropped throughout that the Skrulls have sleeper agents planted on Earth, including among the super-hero set. 
  • END CREDIT: Carol gets Fury’s call.

3. AVENGERS 4 (May 3, 2019) — 
  • Big fight as the surviving heroes try to steal back the infinity Gauntlet.
  • Tony dies, audience expects that is the film's big death scene
  • But then Cap also get killed!
  • As heroes fall and Scott and Hope join the battle, expect a scene reminiscent of the cover to AVENGERS #1, except with Thanos in the Loki position.
  • In the end, Hawkeye saves the day by shooting the metal shard from Ant-Man 2 into Thanos, causing an entire microverse to blow up inside him. 
  • With Thanos’ death, everyone he snapped out of existence returns. 
  • Gamora and Tony stay dead as they died before/after the snap. But they are replaced by Skrulls, which only the audience knows. Since nobody was around when either died, the heroes don’t know they’re actually dead and accept that they've returned.
  • END CREDIT: Black Order are seen licking their wounds after the climactic battle. Ebony Maw, who survived getting airlocked in Infinity War, tends to a wound on Black Dwarf, when a part of the larger villain's skin peels away, revealing beneath it . . . orange rock! [“Fantastic!”]

4. SPIDER-MAN 2 (July 5, 2019) 
  • After the epic space battles, this movie will be a chance to get back down to Earth with something a little more grounded. 
  • The main villains will be Morbius and Doctor Faustus, who will enter as a family therapist for Peter and Aunt May, there being some tension now that she knows his secret, and he attempts to turn Peter to his own evil machinations. 
  • Doctor Strange will co-star in the fight against Morbius.
  • Expect a cameo from The Defenders, setting up the post-credit scene.
  • END CREDIT: Danny Rand is a Skrull!

5. May 1, 2020 (GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 3) 
  • Thor and the Guardians go on the hunt for the Black Order, in order to get revenge for the killing of Captain America
  • But the group gets waylaid by Adam Warlock, acting on behalf of the Sovereign.
  • The day will be save by the appearance of Beta Ray Bill and the multi-reality Thor Corps. 
  • END CREDIT 1: The Thor Corps votes to rebuild Asgard with our Thor as the new all-father. 
  • END CREDIT 2: Star Lord finally gets to home base with Gamora, although she reveals herself to be a Skrull at the (*ahem*) climactic moment. 
  • END CREDIT 3: Another hint that the Black Order are actually some version of the Fantastic Four. 

6. July 31, 2020 (BLACK WIDOW)  
  • Having put Cap on ice as soon as he "died," Bucky, Black Widow, Falcon, and Black Panther seek to infiltrate Russia's black ops divisions to uncover the super-science MacGuffin needed to bring him back to life. 
  • They square off against the Winter Guard: Crimson Dynamo, Dark Star, Red Guardian, and Vanguard
  • In the MCU, the Winter Guard is a sort of Russian version of the Fantastic Four, as we will learn the Russians have been trying to recreate the cosmic ray accident that gave birth to the FF. 
  • We learn via archive footage recovered by Black Widow that Reed Richards and his family were more than people remember them being . . . much more!
  • END CREDIT: The mission is largely a failure, the heroes decide they need  a sample of the original super-soldier serum to revive Cap. They approach Doctor Strange to time shift them back to WWII.
  • END CREIT 2: Black Panther does not make the trip as he is called back to Wakanda to meet a visiting head of state . . . from Latveria.
  • END CREDIT 3:  Shocker: Back Panther’s sister is a Skrull!!

7. Nov. 6, 2020 (DOCTOR STRANGE 2) 
  • Loosely adapts Jason Aaron's “Way of the Weird” epic, with Dr. Strange and Wong in an uneasy alliance with Karl Mordo battling the Empirikiul as they work to eradicate the abomination of magic from all reality, universe by universe. 
  • Movie will feature the introduction of Zelma (front-runners for the role are Kristen Bell, Jennifer Aniston, and Isla Fisher). 
  • A spell of revelation will give the first hints to our heroes that Skrull are among us. 
  • Bruce Banner plays a part as he’s hoping Strange can help him access his Hulk persona again.
  • END CREDIT 1: Thor arrives as Strange is examining Banner’s aura and asks for help accessing other realities in order to recruit new gods to rebuild Asgard, 
  • END CREDIT 2: Peter Parker and Aunt May pop in for a visit (as they're pals post SM2), only the Doctor is not in, having left with Thor. Then, as Pete and May go to leave, they pass a magic mirror and, though Pete misses it, the audience learns, OMG! AUNT MAY IS SKRULL!!!!

8. Dec. 25, 2020 (BLACK PANTHER 2)
  • As Wakanda stands revealed to the world, it is approached by Dr. Doom, who has searched since the 1960s for the FF. He believes Wakandan super-science, combined with his magics, can piece the Negative Zone into which he believes the FF disappeared. 
  • Twist: He actually wants a vibranium armor, along with Wakandan science, to help keep his aged body alive.
  • Expect much debate between Panther and Doom on their disparate approaches to leadership and aiding the less fortunate. 
  • In return for Panther’s help, Doom agrees to first help him face down King Cadaver, who is looking to complete Killmonger’s mission by spreading fear and discontent in the inner cities around the various Wakandan embassies, particularly in Oakland.
  • END CREDIT 1: Armed with the key to enter the Negative Zone, Doom instead uses the energy to de-age himself.
  • END CREDIT 2: We learn Gen. Ross also is Skrull, and that they are laying the groundwork to conqueror the earth and strip it of its resources. 

9. May 7, 2021 (THOR CORPS)
  • Roughly adapts the “God-Butcher” storyline. 
  • As the Thor Corps go reality hopping with help from Dr. Strange to recruit new Gods to rebuild Asgard,  they keep finding themselves arriving in the wake of the God-Butcher, and learn not even the might of the entire Thor Corps, plus Dr. Strange and The Hulk, can stop his mad god-killing spree. 
  • One of the murdered God's is Neptune, which draws Sub-Mariner into the Frey, tipping the tide in the heroes’ favor. 
  • END CREDIT 1: We learn that because belief is what makes a god, the FF were the God Butcher's first target, as they were becoming incredibly iconic in their time, but Reed was able to save the team by shunting them into the Negative Zone, although at the cost of most people forgetting who they were.
  • END CREDIT 2: Hulk, Dr. Strange, and Subby, on their way back to Earth, cross paths with the Silver Surfer who says, hey, I just so happen to be going that way myself. ::cue ominous music::

10. July 31, 2021 (ANT-MAN 3)  
  • Given that Janet Van Dyne did not reappear with all the others who'd faded to dust at Thanos' snap, Scott and Hope presume she must have come back where she faded, in the microverse. So, they take another trip to rescue her once more. 
  • However, because that particular micorverse no longer exists, they end up shunted into the Negative Zone. Wacky adventures ensue.
  • Along the way they discover the Black Order of the MCU is originally from the Negative Zone and, when Reed Richards saved the FF from the God-Killer by shunting his team into the Negative Zone, it kicked the Black Order out, leaving both quartets with some properties of the other.
  • Ant Man and Wasp manage to reverse the process, restoring the FF to our reality. Yay science! And plucky super-heroes!
  • END CREDIT 1: The FF arrive back on Earth albeit in the present day as memory of their earlier exploits is restored. They reopen the Baxter Building. One of the things we see as they unpack is the body of the original Human Torch. 
  • END CREDIT 2: Silver Surfer reveals to Strange, Hulk and Subby why he's on his way to Earth. The three exchange glances. We can only assume this us about to break out into an epic melee.

11. Nov. 5, 2021 (THE HOWLING COMMANDOS) 
  • In WWII, the time displaced Falcon, Black Widow, and Bucky join the Commandos, which now includes a young pilot named Ben Grimm and an intelligence officer named Reed Richards. 
  • Together, they meet up with the Invaders and track down the Red Skull for the super soldier serum he stole. 
  • Young Cap learns he'll have to sacrifice himself and his potential life with Agent Carter in order for his older self to play a pivotal role in the Infinity War and end up where it is now.
  • The young Howard Stark and Black Panther’s grandfather help inject the serum into Cap's body, but he needs time to regenerate, so they take him to the arctic and put him back on ice, complete with a new virbranium shield. 
  • END CREDIT 1: The body of the Human Torch, killed in the battle and discovered to be a Kree android construct, is entrusted to Reed Richards. 
  • END CREDIT 2: The MCU Howard Stark morphs into a Skrull, then into the MCTV Howard Stark from the Agent Carter series. 

12. Feb. 18, 2022 (CAPTAIN MARVEL 2)  
  • Scarlet Witch, overcome with grief at the deaths of both her brother and Vision, teams with Karl Mordo in hopes of uncovering the magic needed to bring them back to life. 
  • But Mordo has his own plans to turn the witch evil and  use her against Dr. Strange. Together they revive Quicksilver.
  • This activity on Wundagore Mountain attracts the attention of Dr. Doom, which in turn attracts the attention of the U.S. government which calls in Captain Marvel. Epic battle ensues. 
  • Quicksilver is revealed to have been Skrull all along (it was a Skrull who was killed in Avengers 2), as a young Lt. in Captain Marvel's military force named Simon Williams sacrifices himself to save the day. 
  • END CREDIT 1:  Reed Richards uses Simon Williams’ brain patterns and the body of the original human torch to revive Vision. 
  • END CREDIT 2: The Silver Surfer arrives on Earth with a quinjet in tow and, landing on the Baxter Building, tips it up, causing a defeated Banner, Strange and Subby to tumble out. If he, a mere herald, can so easily defeat these heroes, he asks, who can stop . . . Galactus.
  • END CREDIT 3: Tony/Skrull makes the call, with Galactus on the way, it’s time to accelerate the Secrete Invasion and strip Earth of what they can before he arrives.

13. May 6 , 2022 (FANTASTIC FOUR, PART 1)
  • The FF lead the charge in the fight against the Skrulls, with the Surfer an uneasy ally given that it’s his job to prepare the Earth for Galactus, and that means preventing the Kree from raiding it of all life and resources before his master arrives.
  • END CREDIT 1: The Skrulls are defeated, but our heroes are broken, battered, and totally spent. Enter . . . GALACTUS!
  • END CREDIT 2: Captain Marvel, knowing the heroes need someone to rally around, lands in the arctic and punches her way through a glacier until reaching her goal — Captain America. His eyes snap open. Cap is back!!

14. July 29, 2022 (FANTASTIC FOUR, PART 2) 
  • Everybody (including the Netflix heroes) fights Galactus! Some will live. Some will die. Nothing will ever be the same!

Then, Phase V will be all about brining the X-Men into the MCU and introducing the new heroes like Ms Marvel, Miles Morales, and Moon Girl . . . 

Okay, so my brother-in-law doesn't work for Feige. But wouldn't that outline be awesome!

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