Wednesday, March 1, 2017

New news is new!

So, here's some exciting news — I've been asked to join the writing staff at I'll be contributing reviews of new and old comics, company news coverage, and eventually (I hope) some industry interviews and opinion columns, among other things.

Now, before you get too excited for me, is an independent website. It is not affiliated with DC Comics proper. It's also a no-pay gig. Still, this new relationship does afford me the opportunity to reach a wider audience than I am right now on my own blog, It also enables me to read .pdf files of all the DC Comics I can't afford, along with the ability to read them in advance, so reviews come out on the actual day of publication.

So, yay me!

Anyway, here are the first two reviews, posted to the site today:



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  1. No pay. And here I was about to congratulate you on being able to deduct your comics expenses as a business expense. Ah, well...